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Choose a photographer who understands the value of moments, who appreciates the impermanence of some details but is dedicated to capturing the everlasting spirit of your union. Your wedding is a chapter in a love story, and I am here to document it in a way that ensures the tale is told for generations to come.

I'm Araebia, friends call me Rae

You might have come here expecting a specific style, and I totally get that. The photography world is full of incredible artists, each with their unique signature style. For a long time, I felt the pressure to fit into a specific box, to have a distinct style that defined me as a photographer. But I'm here to tell you that I've embraced being eclectic and different, and it's something I've grown to cherish.

If you're looking for a photographer who's ready to break free from the mold ...

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Crafting Eternal Memories: Turning Pixels into Enchanting Moments

Picture a challenging day....

...then, your gaze lands on the wall prints of your wedding day. The emotions captured burst with joy, creating a comforting presence on your wall. The radiant smiles feel like a heartwarming hug.

Pretty amazing, right?

Digital images are fantastic, but there's magic in prints. Your wedding day should be more than pixels on a screen. Let's turn those precious moments into tangible, enduring memories.

This is why I provide various options for printed artwork. You have the flexibility to choose how you want to cherish your precious memories.

what clients are saying....

Elegant Wedding Rings - Rae De Lain Photography

“Rae De Lain is more than a wedding photographer; she's a true friend throughout the process. From our engagement session to the big day, she was always there with a smile, a helping hand, and her incredible talent behind the lens. Our wedding photos are not just pictures; they are cherished memories.”

Bridal Bouquet with Pastel Blooms - Rae De Lain Wedding Photography

“Working with Rae De Lain was a dream come true. She not only captured our love story but also stepped in as a dedicated helper, ensuring every detail was perfect. Her photographs are beyond stunning, and she brings a level of comfort and professionalism that makes the experience exceptional.”

Candid Moment of Laughter - Rae De Lain Wedding Photographer

“Rae De Lain is not just a photographer; she's a storyteller. She beautifully narrated our wedding day through her lens. But what sets her apart is her genuine friendship and willingness to go above and beyond, ensuring everything ran smoothly. Her work is breathtaking, and her friendship is invaluable.”

Chic Wedding Dress Detail - Rae De Lain Photography

“Rae De Lain is a photographer, a helper, and a friend wrapped into one amazing package. She captured the essence of our love and made our wedding day an absolute breeze. Her dedication and creativity shine through in every photograph. Rae is a gem, and we're forever grateful for her presence on our special day.”

Bride + Groom Bouncy House - Rae De Lain Wedding Photography

“Being a young interracial couple, we often faced stereotypes and challenges. However, having Rae De Lain by our side was a game-changer. Not only did she capture our love beautifully, but knowing she's also a believer in the Torah was a meaningful bonus. Our wedding photos exceeded our wildest expectations, and having Rae as a part of 'HIS' story made our special day even more extraordinary. She's more than a photographer; she's a friend who truly understands the beauty of love and diversity. #HistoryMade”

Interracial Couple Breathtaking Ceremony Venue - Rae De Lain Wedding Photography

“This review may seem unreal, but it's genuine. As a photographer's child, finding a wedding photographer was challenging. People warned me against having my mom as the photographer, thinking she wouldn't be there for me. Yet, my mom wore many hats on our big day, capturing our wedding, caring for guests, helping with decorations, and more. With the help of her friend, Alterick Photography, we got outstanding images. Choosing my mom means choosing a nurturing, loving mother who prays for your wedding.”

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