A Plea for Respect and Consideration: An Open Letter to Caterers | Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photographer

Dear Caterers,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Rae De Lain, a wedding photographer dedicated to capturing the most cherished moments for couples on their special day. As a photographer, I am often present from the early preparations until the last guest departs, ensuring that every significant moment is beautifully preserved.

Today, I am reaching out to address an issue that not only affects me but also many others vendors who attend events you cater. It revolves around the handling of food, particularly concerning dietary restrictions and religious practices.

The Importance of Respecting Dietary Restrictions

In many cultures and religions, dietary laws are strictly followed. For instance, I do not consume pork and shellfish due to my religious beliefs. It’s a practice I adhere to with great devotion, and it’s crucial for my well-being and peace of mind.

However, there have been multiple instances where I, and others in similar positions, have encountered difficulties with how food is handled at events. Specifically, there is a tendency to cross-contaminate foods by mixing utensils between pork, beef, and chicken dishes. This practice not only disregards dietary restrictions but also poses a risk to those with food allergies or specific dietary needs.

The Request

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the meal without concern, I kindly request that new utensils be used when serving different types of meats, especially pork. This small act of consideration can make a significant difference for those who must avoid certain foods for health or religious reasons.

The Professional Dilemma

As a photographer, my primary role is to capture the beautiful moments of the day. I am there to work, not to be harassed or made to feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there have been occasions where I’ve faced negative attitudes or dismissiveness from catering staff when requesting separate utensils or clarifying dietary concerns.

It’s important to remember that after the cake is cut, the dress is rehung, and the decorations are taken down, the photographs and videos are the lasting memories of the day. Photographers, like myself, play a crucial role in preserving these moments. We should be treated with the same respect and consideration as any other vendor.

A Call for Professionalism and Courtesy

I am reaching out not just for myself, but for all professionals who might be in similar situations. We would deeply appreciate it if caterers and other vendors could treat us with the professionalism and the courtesy that we deserve. Our goal is to do our job to the best of our ability, and a little respect goes a long way in ensuring we can do just that.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Together, we can ensure that every wedding and event is a joyous and inclusive celebration for all attendees.

Warm regards,

Rae De Lain

Thanks for reading!

— Rae