Destini + Benjamin: A Love Story Guided by Faith

Destini and Benjamin's love story began in high school, where two introverts discovered a deep connection that would shape their lives for the next seven years. Today, we celebrate their journey, marked by unwavering faith and a love that has only grown stronger over time.

The setting for their union was none other than their cherished home church, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Arlington, TX. This sacred place witnessed the culmination of their love story as they exchanged vows and committed their lives to one another on a beautiful Thursday evening.

Destini radiated elegance in a timeless gown from David's Bridal, complemented by a pearl veil and the most adorable crochet ballet shoes. The simplicity and grace of her attire perfectly mirrored the depth of their connection.

The reception, hosted at the church's reception hall, became the backdrop for heartfelt celebrations. Friends and family, who had traveled from far and wide, gathered to share in the joy of Destini and Benjamin's union. The atmosphere was filled with love and laughter as they commemorated this special day.

Made In Chynjah worked her magic, enhancing Destini's natural beauty with a gorgeous hair and makeup look. The bride's timeless half-up, half-down hairstyle adorned with drop curls and pin curls reflected both sophistication and simplicity, adding to the overall charm of the occasion.

As witnesses to this beautiful union, we feel incredibly blessed to be part of Destini and Benjamin's special day. Their love story, guided by faith and nurtured over the years, serves as a reminder that true love withstands the test of time. May their journey together continue to be filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished moments.


Miss Rae ~