Wedding Wednesday | The Beauty of Versatility: Why I Shoot and Edit in Two Styles #MoodyRomantic

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday, where we delve into the world of weddings and celebrate the magic of love! Today, I want to share with you the unique approach I take to shooting and editing wedding photography in two distinct styles: light and airy, and moody romantic. You might wonder why I choose to offer both styles, so let's explore the reasons behind this decision and how it benefits all my clients.

  1. Honoring Individuality: Every couple has a unique love story, and I believe that their wedding photos should reflect that individuality. By offering two different editing styles, I ensure that each couple's vision and personality shine through in their photos. Whether they prefer the soft, ethereal look of light and airy editing or the dramatic, emotive feel of moody romantic editing, I tailor my approach to suit their preferences.
  2. Capturing Diverse Moods: Weddings are filled with a wide range of emotions, from joyful laughter to heartfelt tears. My goal as a wedding photographer is to capture the full spectrum of these emotions, and I find that having two editing styles allows me to do just that. Light and airy editing is perfect for capturing the brightness and joy of celebratory moments, while moody romantic editing adds depth and drama to more intimate scenes.
  3. Offering Versatility: Clients often have varying preferences when it comes to editing styles. Some may gravitate towards the dreamy, whimsical look of light and airy editing, while others may prefer the rich, atmospheric tones of moody romantic editing. By offering both styles, I ensure that all my clients have options to choose from, allowing them to select the style that resonates most with their personal taste and wedding aesthetic.
  4. Creating Timeless Memories: Ultimately, my goal as a wedding photographer is to create timeless memories that couples will cherish for a lifetime. Whether they opt for light and airy or moody romantic editing, I strive to deliver images that evoke the same emotions years down the line as they did on their wedding day. By offering two distinct editing styles, I provide my clients with the opportunity to curate a wedding album that truly reflects their love story in all its beauty and complexity.

In conclusion, shooting and editing in two different styles for Wedding Wednesday allows me to honor the uniqueness of each couple's love story, capture diverse moods and emotions, offer versatility to my clients, and create timeless memories that will be treasured for generations to come.

No matter which style they choose, I am committed to providing an exceptional photography experience that exceeds their expectations and preserves the magic of their special day.