Today marked a special day in our lives, the first time our paths crossed. We embark on this journey with open hearts, eager to see where it leads us. With each passing moment, we hope to find a deeper connection and explore where our shared faith in the Messiah takes us.

🤍 We want to express our gratitude for embracing all our quirks and idiosyncrasies.

🤍 Thank you for understanding that chivalry is not a thing of the past, but a timeless gesture of respect.

🤍 Your thoughtful gift of flowers touched our hearts deeply, not only mine but my mother's too.

In the spirit of our shared Messianic/Jewish faith, let's explore the beauty of a traditional courtship as outlined by

Messianic/Jewish Courtship According to

In the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition, dating takes on a unique and significant role. It's not merely for amusement or entertainment; it's regarded as a serious matter. Dating is reserved for mature individuals who have reached marriageable age and are actively seeking a life partner.

These dating restrictions are not rooted in old-fashioned values but are integral to the creation of stable and harmonious marriages between compatible spouses.

The primary purpose of a date is to assess whether the person you're seeing possesses the qualities and values that will enable both of you to share a harmonious and happy life together. Successful dating is, in many ways, an art; it's the mind guiding the heart, a union of thought and emotion.

Modesty Considerations

Jewish law encourages modesty, and it prohibits unrelated men and women from being alone together in a private space. The wisdom of the Sages, who understood the dynamics of attraction, led to the elimination of situations that might lead to actions regretted later. Therefore, the preferred setting for a date is a neutral, public, or semi-private location, such as a restaurant, hotel lobby, or park.

The Age to Begin the Journey

According to tradition, the mitzvah (commandment) to marry comes into effect at the age of eighteen. This is when the search for an appropriate mate can commence. However, one may choose to delay this mitzvah if they wish to devote their early years to undistracted Torah study.

Financial concerns should not deter marriage. Trust in the One who sustains all of creation, for He can and will provide for another family. A home built on values is a channel for divine blessings for all its inhabitants.

As our journey unfolds, we're excited to explore the wisdom and traditions of our shared faith. We are eager to see where our hearts and faith will lead us on this beautiful path.


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