Venue: Sanders Hitch

Hair + Makeup: Made in Chynjah

Cake: Jordan's Flour Box

Caterer: Nosh Box Eatery Catering Co.

A Wildflower Wedding Like No Other

Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, Zelie and Xavier embarked on a journey of love that was as unique as it was beautiful. Their wildflower wedding at Sanders Hitch was a day to remember, filled with charm and unexpected delights.

A Picturesque Ranch Setting

Sanders Hitch, the chosen venue for their special day, offered a picturesque setting that had us all in awe. With its breathtaking shooting spots, an antique truck lending rustic elegance, a charming vineyard, and a converted horse stable that served as a reception hall, we couldn't have asked for a more enchanting backdrop. It's moments like these that remind me how truly blessed I am to work in such remarkable places.

A Beautiful Blend of Traditions

The day began with a heartfelt Catholic ceremony (apologies, the church name escapes me) and seamlessly transitioned into the ranch for the grand celebration. What set this wedding apart was its striking and unconventional color palette. Bold and vibrant, the hues breathed life into every moment, making it unlike any other I've experienced.

A Joyous Bridal Party

Surrounding the happy couple was a bridal party that was not only stunning but also loads of fun. You might think I'm biased, but trust me, Zelie's friends were the epitome of charm and elegance. And her choice of Nine West shoes? Pure genius! They added the perfect touch to her already enchanting ensemble, truly a match made in heaven.

An Infectious Smile

Before you read any further, do yourself a favor and take a moment to admire Zelie's radiant smile. It's one of those smiles that can light up a room and touch the hearts of everyone around.

I am more than thrilled to share this collection of photos with you all, and I feel deeply honored to have been chosen to document this extraordinary day. Zelie and Xavier's military love story is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the unique journeys that bring two hearts together.

Lastly, don't forget to check out their engagement session [here](insert link to engagement session). It's a prelude to the love and happiness that unfolded on their wedding day. 📷💍🌼

Stay tuned for more enchanting moments from Rae De Lain Weddings!

Lastly, Zelie has the biggest smile ever!! Check our her engagement photos HERE.